EzProcurements Copyright removal key terms

According to the terms of the EzProcurements license, without purchasing the Copyright removal key:
You may NOT remove or hide the "Powered by EzProcurements.com" statement that appears at the bottom of each page or user interface screen within a EzProcurements-powered website or application. When users click on the "Powered by EzProcurements.com" text it must direct them to https://EzProcurements.com. The "Powered by EzProcurements.com" link must be in the same format, unedited, as delivered in the program source code. This obligation shall also apply to any copies or derivative works! The copyright notice at the footer of your portal (website or any kind of application that uses the EzProcurements solution) must remain intact, unedited, and clearly visible. Please do NOT attempt to edit, remove or hide the copyright notice in any way. Upon purchase of a "copyright removal key" you are permitted to remove the "Powered by EzProcurements.com" statement.

According to The World Intellectual Property Organization Copyright Treaty, The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (the USA), and official Directive of the European Union, site pages or an entire site which violates authors’ rights might be removed from Google search results and from other search engines if an author whose rights were violated makes such a request.

Copyright infringement is illegal - please be advised.