Fast and free open-source solution for e-Procurement

Flexible framework for building successful e-Procurement process

EzProcurements is the open-source solution for creating an online procurement process

Why choose EzProcurements?


Robust, lightweight and fast solution based on modern software frameworks and technologies


It is the Open-Source solution that you can maintain and use free-of-charge by your own


Customize approval chains, roles, permissions, catalogs, and much more as easy as 1-2-3
Please check out our important announcement!

Do you want to reform the procurement process in the company? Start saving your company's time and money with EzProcurements!

What is the e-Procurement process?

«E-Procurement (electronic procurement, sometimes also known as supplier exchange) is the business-to-business or business-to-consumer or business-to-government purchase and sale of supplies, work, and services through the Internet as well as other information and networking systems, such as electronic data interchange and enterprise resource planning»
Taken from: «Are you ready for eProcurement?: Guide to Electronic Procurement Reform» (by EBRD, 2015)

EzProcurements is the Open-source solution to power-up your company's e-Procurement process

What you can do with EzProcurements:
Be sure that your procurement procedures conform to your policies and plans
Get the best deals and proposals from suppliers by organizing e-tenders and e-auctions
Get rid of unauthorized buying, maverick spending, rogue spending, and off-contract purchasing
Reduce administrative costs significantly, from 60% to as much as 90%
Reduce the time and money spent on the purchasing cycle as a whole
Enable enterprise to manage long-term Supplier-Consumer partnerships
Improve spend visibility - real-time tracking company's expenditures
Save the working time of the employees involved and reduce the procurement time
Connect to your existing software environment for additional efficiency gains

For the every type and size of company we help realize the power of e-Procurements (not just for SMEs/SMBs)

EzProcurements suits for the every size of company - starting from small business up to enterprise and global companies


Open/private procurements
Could be visible for all or just for several vendors
Catalog management
Manage a list of products in the catalog easily
Approval chain management
Set up an approval chain for the e-Procurement workflow
Security and permissions
Just the right users allowed to execute sensitive operations
Custom properties
Create your own set of data attached to the entity
Always up-to-date
Get the latest version from our GitHub-repository
It is open-source
You can be aware of the internal code structure
Windows or Linux hosting
Deploy the solution into Windows or Linux hosting
More features coming soon!

Technical details

From the technical point of view we are using best tools and frameworks available at the market:
Exonya LLC created the open-source solution for e-Procurement

Framework: ASP.NET Core (.NET 5.0)

Programming Language: C#

Microservice Architecture support

Database: MySQL or MS SQL Server + MongoDB

Redis - for cache (or InMemory cache)

Can be run in a cloud or on a shared hosting

Published on GitHub - link to be added later

GitHub issue tracker and community support

Who we are?

EzProcurements open-source project has been initiated by Exonya - software development company.

Starting from 2010, Exonya has successfully created dozens of software projects in different business domains, such as finance, HR, real estate, marketing, and business process automation in general. You may find more details about our professional experience on the LinkedIn profile of Max Grigorev - the CEO and the founder of Exonya.

In our professional life, we are using best practices and best approaches in building modern and robust software solutions and we would like to share our knowledge and experience with all business community members.

Please feel free to join our community if you want to participate as a developer, designer, or a business partner. Also, please free to contact us if you have any question or proposals!


A «little» announcement!

Hello, my friends-in-procurement and people, related to the procurement process, like office administrators, procurement managers, and office managers, and all!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Max and I'm a .NET developer (starting from 2001... wow - about 20 years!) and the founder, who started I need to mention, that I also had experience in state procurements, so I'm not just a software developer, but I also had experience with the Procurement area, but software development is my main profession...

When I started working on the EzProcurements (as far as I remember - it was 2020, March, when COVID started spreading over the planet), I planned that this project will be just a small open-source project that I can use in order to learn new technologies, so later I can share my development experience in .NET Core with the open-source community.

But in the process of working on the project, I figured out, that my mission could be much wider, rather than just creating another open-source project. That time I understood, that with, taking into account my experience with the Procurement process, I could help a lot of people, working in the sphere of Procurements - to make their professional life much easier and at the same time - to speed the procurement process up and cut the company's costs... So as for now, I decided to change the role of the EzProcurements and significantly change its mission.

I'll create another announcement soon when I'll move my project to the Production stage so everyone could try it - initially - for free and with no charge. My work with that project is close to the finish line - so - watch for updates! I plan to do it till the end of 2021.

Thank you and have Profitable Procurements!

P.S. - one thing I would like to ask you: if you have any thoughts about what feature should be implemented in the project or about what do you expect to see there - please feel free to share your vision about it with me! I really appreciate any idea coming from other people involved in the Procurement and Supplying processes as this project is dedicated right to such kinds of specialists. If I could help people to speed up the processes, it would make a lot of professional duties easier, save a lot of money (nerves :) ) and time. Thank you!

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